PlayBox Neo Updates Adds Features To Three Products

PlayBox Neo
(Image credit: PlayBox Neo)

SOFIA, Bulgaria & WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—PlayBox Neo today unveiled new features and expanded connectivity options for its TV Channel-in-a-Box, Neo-20 and Capture Suite.

PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box offers every function needed to maintain a single or multiple TV channels either locally or via remote control. The system, which can be configured to any needed scale with various operational elements, is based on AirBox Neo-20 playout automation. 

Those elements include Capture Suite media ingest, TitleBox Neo-20 interactive character generator and graphics and ListBox Neo-20 scheduling. The solution fully supports terrestrial, satellite, cable and IP-streamed transmission.

AirBox Neo-20, capable of supporting around-the-clock automated operation on any scale, is now updated with several new features, including:

• Transport Stream and XDCAM MXF file clip playback while still being ingested;

• GPU acceleration to speed file decodes;

• Picture-in-Picture digital video effects created within AirBox Neo-20;

• Real-time loudness compliance to conform with national and international standards;

• Operator alert to missing or frozen video feeds via a web-based multiviewer; and 

• Web-based input and output configuration using a securely connected resource monitor.

The company also has added NDI input and output connectivity to AirBox Neo-20.

PlayBox Neo’s Capture Suite controls multiple ingest channels across many servers from one web user interface in UHD, HD and SD production workflows. New Capture Suite features include:

• Manual, scheduled and compliance ingest mode support with automated input switching;

• Adobe Premiere and Grass Valley Edius Workgroup 9+ editing while performing ingest;

• MXF and TS file ingest immediate playout availability via AirBox Neo-20 automation without waiting for ingest completion;

• Loudness audio meters and precise audio level adjustment; and

• Web-based multiviewer with black and freeze frame alarms.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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