PlayBox Neo Adds Support for Octopus Newsroom Computer System

PlayBox Neo ProductionAirBox Neo-20
(Image credit: PlayBox Neo)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—PlayBox Neo has expanded the software connectivity of its ProductionAirBox Neo-20 broadcast playout server, with the unit now being able to support the Octopus Newsroom computer system (NRCS).

The ProductionAirBox Neo-20, developed from the AirBox Neo-20, offers features for live production, including the ability to trim or reposition every clip in a playout while the scheduled session is on air. Playout position can also be changed on the fly. The unit also can be configured with up to four independent players and import a range of file formats and resolutions.

By adding the Octopus NRCS, users can handle content archives, graphics manipulation and character generation from the ProductionAirBox Neo-20 graphic interface.

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