Pilat Media accelerates catch-up TV offerings with new scheduling automation tools

Pilat Media Global, a leading supplier of business management software to the media industry, today announced that its flagship Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS) has been enhanced with a powerful set of new features for catch-up TV services. The new tools enable broadcasters to accelerate the availability of catch-up TV offerings across multiple delivery platforms and devices through advanced scheduling automation.

With the new catch-up functionality, the IBMS:OnDemand add-on module links linear schedules to catch-up schedules and applies rights-aware business rules to determine which programs have catch-up rights. IBMS then automatically creates a catch-up offer based on the rights and additional criteria defined by the broadcaster. For instance, a program's rights might specify that only a certain number of episodes within a season can be made available for catch-up, and only on certain platforms, and the broadcaster has determined that the offer will be available for the week following the original broadcast. IBMS therefore takes into account all variations in rights, scheduling parameters, and delivery platforms for multiple catch-up services.

More information about the complete IBMS product family is available at www.pilatmedia.com.