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Welcome to Broadcast Engineering's NAB Replay. Here we provide in-depth coverage of products and technology from the 2010 NAB Show, including:

Pick HitsBroadcast Engineering's Pick Hit Awards are the industry's longest-running product technology awards for broadcast and production. With a 26-year history, Pick Hits are the most prestigious technical awards given at NAB. Here are the top 20 products selected from the show by our panel of independent judges.

Technology Seminar New stereoscopic 3-D innovations made this one of the most interesting NAB conventions in history. Read on for 3-D highlights from the show floor.

Product Jackpot Here we've compiled more than 100 hot new products shown at this year's NAB. Want more product coverage? Check out the NAB Special Report packaged with this issue, where you'll find more than 30 pages of additional products.



Modular power system is designed to bring users more power supply options during on-location or outdoor shoots; functions by separating the Gold Mount device (QR-TM) from the power supply (PSU-150), allowing a user to simultaneously charge a battery and power a camera; when a 75W draw is exceeded, the system stops charging and performs solely as a 150W power supply; when the camera is turned off or the load is reduced below 75W, the system instantly resumes normal operation, as a simultaneous charger/power supply.

Media Composer 5

978-640-6789 (opens in new tab)

High-speed editing software ideal for offline, file-based and mobile editing; allows users to directly access and edit RED files through the newly improved Avid Media Access without transcoding, work natively with QuickTime video formats, edit video and audio by dragging and dropping elements in the timeline, get full-quality HD-RGB processing, and mix and match frame sizes and aspect ratios in the same timeline; e-mails users when long renders are done.

FiberExpress Brilliance Connector


Field-installable connector features a tool-less design to make fiber termination simple and fast; takes just five seconds and three steps to field terminate a fiber: insert the fiber in the connector, slide the connector's switch-like activator tab toward the fiber to be terminated to bring about the splice crimp, and slide the boot on the connector body; reduces out-of-pocket costs because there are no special/proprietary tools to purchase; can be re-terminated up to five times, resulting in improved connector termination yields.

UltraStudio Pro

Blackmagic Design

SD/HD capture and playback solution for USB 3.0 computers; combines the speed of USB 3.0 running at 4.8Gb/s, providing enough speed for the highest quality uncompressed 10-bit HD video wit the maximum possible real-time effects; features dozens of audio and video connections built-in; includes audio level meters; built-in up-, down- and crossconverter lets users edit in one format and then output to any HD or SD format.


201-807-3300 (opens in new tab)

Professional camcorder employs an MPEG-2 4:2:2 50Mb/s codec — Canon XF Codec — for capturing and recording native 1920 × 1080 video onto affordable, universally available compact flash cards; unites video, audio and metadata into a single file; uses an MXF file wrapper to maximize compatibility with existing industry infrastructure and nonlinear editing systems; includes a Canon 18x HD L-series lens to provide news camera operators with the focal-range versatility required in the field; features industry-standard HD-SDI output, genlock and SMPTE time code (in/out) terminals for multicamera or 3-D productions.

CompactCG HD

Compix Media

HD character generator offers the rich feature set of a full-size system in a rugged 1RU chassis; supports HD-SDI and SD-SDI operations; enables professional-grade graphics creation when time and space are at a premium; software options include NewsScroll with RSS, which provides the power of multiple crawls, logos, a real-time clock, live weather updates, ratings and live RSS feeds; ideal for mobile broadcast and OB vans, flypack systems and multivenue use.

Dejero LIVE Platform


Newsgathering system offers a new way to broadcast live high-quality video without the high cost or complexity of satellite or microwave transmission; with the system, one cameraperson and the Dejero LIVE Mobile Transmitter can transmit from any location in cell-phone range; using patent-pending technology, the platform improves live interview talkback, transmitting with only one-second latency.

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DTC-720 Xpect

DekTec Digital Video
+31 35 6469210

24/7 transport stream monitoring software package continuously checks transport stream for compliance to TR 101 290 and compares each stream to a user-created template (defining the expected properties of the transport stream); any violations of the TR 101 290 rules or mismatches to the template are logged in a database and can be signalled to an NMS through SNMP traps or as an IP/UDS-based message; keeps logs of statistical information (such as bit rates, number of CC errors and scrambled status), tables and individual components in the monitored stream; monitors multiple transport streams simultaneously, applying different test criteria to each stream.

BrightEye 57

Ensemble Designs

Genlockable sync generator and test signal generator can be used as either a slave or master reference generator; can lock to house reference or to its own internal precision standard; suited for remote trucks, post, helicopters and flypacks; 1.5Gb/s HD, 3Gb/s HD or SD SDI test signals or black with embedded audio is output on the SDI BNCs; 3G Level A and Level B are supported; composite, HD tri-level sync and AES digital audio outputs also are provided; three user-programmable outputs are selectable between AES, LTC, Wordclock or 6Hz Pulse; analog audio and AES outputs provide tone or silence.



Video archive recorder supports LTO-5 technology, the latest standard in long-term, high-capacity tape storage; makes file ingest workflow more efficient; reduces archive space requirements; equipped with an MPEG-2 codec, the LTR-100HS includes an MXF wrapper/unwrapper, so MXF files (XDCAM HD/HD422/IMX) recorded to LTO-5 tape can be used directly by many NLE systems.

Ignite Konnect

Grass Valley

Provides automation control of the Grass Valley Kalypso and Kayenne video production switchers; designed to provide an easy, flexible transition to live production automation; for live production automation applications where a user already has a Kalypso or Kayenne switcher in place; allows users to automate as much or as little of their workflow as they need; requires little or no change to existing switcher effects.



Fiber-optic products can transport up to four 3Gb/s, eight HD-SDI or eight SD/ASI signals, or any combination equal to 12Gb/s of transport signals, over a single optical fiber; allow for up to 24 independent 3Gb/s or 48 independent HD/SD/ASI signals in a single 2RU frame; TDM, CWDM and DWDM are implemented in the line; using CWDM or DWDM, several signals can be combined into single wavelengths to provide a cost-effective and expandable design.


JK Audio

Series of intercom headset adapters uses Bluetooth wireless technology; headset interfaces plug directly into most party-line beltpacks, replacing wired headsets; a 3.5mm stereo headset jack contains a mic level output signal suitable for recording, with the beltpack headphone signal on the left channel and the Bluetooth return signal on the right; a switch selects between connection to a third-party Bluetooth headset or a cell phone.

Kahuna 360


Production switcher platform supports 16 simultaneous broadcast productions in single mainframe; engineered for the most demanding production requirements; employs live assist and workflow tools to streamline operations; features Snell's Format Fusion3 technology, which supports any combination of SD, HD and 3G/1080p inputs and outputs, and seamlessly converts them to and from the required standards; designed to handle 3-D content with ease.

Automatic Loudness Control


Automatic Loudness Control (ALC) solution prevents excessive jumps in program-to-program and channel-to-channel loudness levels; available for multiple Densité interfaces; designed to address all typical loudness problems including audio level changes between programs and commercials, without adversely impacting program content; three ALC solutions are available: ALC with Linear Acoustic AEROMAX processing, ALC with Jünger Audio Level Magic processing, and ALC with Miranda's low-cost, high-performance wideband audio processing.



Delivers a real-time 3-D editing workflow compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Media Composer, Vegas and other editorial and effects tools in a manner similar to editing any CineForm 2D file; at the heart of the system is First Light 3D; all 2D and 3-D adjustments are implemented as active metadata under control of First Light; features display support for most 3-D monitors, keyframable 3-D adjustments (all real-time), individual eye adjustments for color and image flip, and keystoning adjustment.

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Fully integrated HD 3-D solid-state camcorder is equipped with dual lenses and two full 1920 × 1080 2.07 megapixel 3MOS imagers to record 1080/60i, 50i, 30p, 25p and 24p (native) and 720/60p and 50p in AVCHD; can record for up to 108 minutes on dual 32GB SD cards in AVCHD PH mode; offers professional interfaces, including dual HD-SDI out, HDMI (version 1.4), two XLR connectors, built-in stereo microphone and twin-lens camera remotes; weighs less than 6.6lbs.



3-D LCD monitor features a large 46in screen and cabinet depth of 1.5in; compatible with line-by-line and side-by-side 3-D input methods, both of which are used for 3-D content production; employs the Xpol circular polarizing method to ensure natural 3-D reproduction; equipped with three HDMI terminals compatible with 3-D input signals; 3-D images can be viewed by wearing a pair of lightweight circular polarizing glasses that do not require a power source; conventional 2-D images also can be viewed without special equipment.


Doremi Labs

3-D format converter allows the conversion of any standard 3-D format to another, including changing of the frame rate; standard video formats are supported from high definition to 2K; accepts both dual- and single-stream, as well as HDMI inputs and outputs; enables double-stack 3-D projection; by encoding the left and right eye streams into a single HD-SDI stream and back again, the unit becomes ideal for recording 3-D content on standard HD tape and server technologies.


TV Logic

3-D OLED monitor is designed for stereoscopic cinema and broadcast production monitoring; uses a 15in (16:9) 120Hz Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode Display at native 1366 × 768 resolution combined with active shutter glasses for vivid 3-D video experience; provides full HD/SDI input and output support, including 3G and dual-link.