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Philippines’ ABS-CBN deploys Streambox newsgathering technology

ABS-CBN, the largest television network in the Philippines, has deployed Streambox’s ACT-L3TM newsgathering solution to cover breaking news in the region.

ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs provides news to viewers across the Philippines, as well as to major news agencies around the world. The IP-based technology includes a Streambox portable encoder, an IFB server, and a decoder to enable both live and file-based reporting throughout the Philippines — a country made up of more than 7000 islands.

Rather than rely on microwave, satellite and FTP-based solutions, the broadcaster now uses the Streambox solution, which it said costs a fraction of the other technologies. It can be used over low-data-rate connections, such as BGAN, 3G networks and other IP networks.

ABS-CBN services all media, including print, broadcast, broadband and mobile delivery. Its reporters are trained to capture, edit and transmit the video via broadband, HSDPA and BGAN networks.

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