PFT launches CLEAR AI to Simplify Foreign Language Mastering

(Image credit: PFT)

LOS ANGELES—Prime Focus Technologies has launched CLEAR AI, a new service from its CLEAR cloud platform that simplifies the foreign language mastering process. CLEAR AI is designed to meet the demand for multiplatform content fulfillment, covering content identification, determination, and creation of missing material, aligning all pieces of content, including video, audio, and text artifacts, and developing ready-to-distribute masters.

CLEAR AI offers the following processes:

  • Automatically identifies languages in dubs, subs, and on-screen text
  • Identifies metadata and segments to master from multiple versions
  • Compares versions and determines the best master to conform
  • Helps conform foreign language assets (dubs and subtitles) even across multiple frame rates
  • Automatically creates forced narration files that can be localized
  • Identifies and packages foreign language master in the specified format

“A powerful combination of identifying languages and content segments, comparing versions, conforming, and packaging masters using AI boosts operational productivity by at least 3X. This makes the process simple and as easy as possible for both businesses and editors”, said Murali Sridhar, SVP and Head of Product Management at PFT. “With an AI-driven approach, Foreign Language Mastering works at exceptional scale and speed like never before.”   

CLEAR AI creates fully localized foreign language file masters for distribution in multiple international territories, resulting in 60-75% reduction in editorial/conform effort, gain efficiencies, speed, and faster time to market, according to the company.