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Petrol Tailors New CamWraps for Sonys

Petrol, a Vitec Group brand, has introduced two new CamWraps custom-tailored for work with popular Sony HD cameras.

Petrol PCW-11

The PCW-11 is specifically contoured to fit the PDW-F335 and F355, while the PCW-12 fits snugly around the PDW-700 XDCAM.

Petrol's CamWrap is designed to deliver optimal equipment protection while on location. This easy-to-use cover safeguards the camera body from unwanted scratches or dust. Construction is of double-layered 3D Micro-Fiber Mesh (3DM), a breathing material that keeps the camera cool and well ventilated.

It’s also designed to offer easy access to all camera features, and oversized transparent polyurethane (TPU) windows provide maximum visibility of controls. The rear battery cover is equipped with two detachable pouches for wireless receivers and transmitters.

Features include a protective viewfinder sleeve and built-in raincover.

The U.S. list price for either the PCW-11 or PCW-12 is $270.

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