PESA Launches Switcher, Control Upgrades

PESA , manufacturer of routing and master-control switchers is launching a new version of its large matrix Cheetah family of routers at NAB2005.

The Cheetah HD multirate routing switcher works with the company's new V5 video transmitter and receiver modules to distribute high-resolution computer video and audio signals over a single coax cable. The combination shrinks the rackspace needed for a component switcher by placing all the signals on a single connector.

Since the Cheetah V5 actually passes RGBHV over a high-definition serial digital path at 1.485 Gbps data rates, the router can be used with SDI and HD-SDI sources as well as wideband signals in the same frame. The Cheetah V5 can pass RGBHV down a single coax up to 100 meters long and the system is compatible with all existing PESA control systems and control panels.

PESA will be in Booth SU7852.