Pebble Beach Launches Stingray Channel-in-a-Box

Pebble Beach Systems launches a new channel-in-a-box solution. The Stingray automation is modular product, based around a core media server database with StingrayTX playout channels are added as desired to scale the system. The product is designed for a simple install, andis shipped as a fully configured unit for fast on-site installation, with an intuitive interface designed for the majority of playout requirements.

Peter Hajittofi , Managing Director of Pebble Beach, explained how "many channel do not need the feature set of a tier one network." Acknowledging that many channels do not need the sophistication of Marina multi-channel automation, "We redesigned the user interface, making it simpler to run, and stripped down the facilities." Stingray uses the proven 64-bit technology of the existing Pebble Beach product line, but the system is optimized for channel-in-a-box applications.

Stingray TX can pass through a live input, as well as regular scheduled clip playout. An integral DVE provides squeezeback of a live source or internal clips, and a discrete keyer allows for external key sources. One operator can control many channels of Stingray from a single user interface.

Stingray uses the Flash platform for graphic template creation, allowing broadcasters to tap into the wide availability of graphic artists with Flash skills. Stingray can playback Flash animation, up to 4 layers and supports the use of external data to populate graphic templates for typical promotional graphics like ‘now/next/later’ and ‘çoming next’ interstitials.

For ingest the StringrayIN provides a dual channel encoder with instant review of ingest jobs. The Stingray has wide support for different video formats including H.264, DVCPRO, and MPEG-2. There is full language localization available via Unicode character sets, and an optional subtitling module.