PBLSat acquires Leader LV5800 for uplink truck

European transmission link service provider PBLSat has purchased a Leader LV5800 multistandard waveform monitor for its Netherlands division.

Headquartered in London, PBLSat operates a fleet of uplink trucks that are used to forward HD and SD feeds from mobile production vehicles via satellite to broadcasters and event rights holders throughout the world.

Leader's LV5800 user-configurable multimonitor enables multiple SD or HD-SDI sources to be analyzed at the same time. Eight sources can be monitored simultaneously using automatic alarm settings to sense level, rise time, fall time and jitter. Four channels can be displayed at the same time. Automatic signal detection enables the LV5800 to sense the input format, colorimetry and black burst or trilevel external reference input. User presets may be stored on a standard USB memory.

For more information, visit: www.elquip.com.