Panasonic’s AK-UC3000 Camera Enlisted at Texas High School

NEWARK, N.J.—School may be out for summer, but the A/V productions students at Northwest High School in Justin, Texas, spent their year producing and delivering daily live news broadcasts to classrooms with the help of Panasonic pro video equipment, led by the AK-UC3000 4K/HD studio camera.

The school acquired three AK-UC3000 cameras that are paired with an AK-HRP1000 remote operation panel. The school’s studio facility also features AW-HE130 and AW-HE40 HD pan/tilt/zoom cameras. Students produce news segments with the AG-DVX200 4K and AG-AC30 HD AVCCAM handheld camcorders. The school also plans to deploy Panasonic’s AJ-PX380 AVC-ULTRA shoulder-mount camcorders for football games.

Jeremy Rawe, the creative media production coordinator for the Northwest Independent School District, said that the equipment will future-proof the school’s program as it moves from 1080p format to 4K.

Northwest High School’s television production facility was renovated last year.