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Panasonic Releases Firmware Upgrade for VariCam 35/HS

NEWARK, N.J. – Panasonic has announced that a new, free firmware upgrade for VariCam 35 4K and VariCam HS camera/recorders is now available. Upgrade Version 4.0 expands recording options and enables a variety of post-production workflows.

VariCam 35

Elements of the firmware upgrade include the addition of Codex V-RAW recorder, which adds uncompressed RAW capture to the VariCam 35 platform by enabling the recording of 4K RAW up to 120fps and can connect directly to the VariCam 35. In addition, support for HD recordings in Apple ProRes 4444 is also part of the upgrade, enhancing workflow options and premium HD image capture. Anamorphic lens support for 1.33:1 and 2.0:1 lenses offers simultaneous recordings of squeezed and de-squeezed images, as well as on set monitoring with de-squeezed images in the viewfinder and HD monitors.

Version 4.0 of VariCam 35 4K and VariCam HS firmware upgrade can be downloaded here.