Panasonic Adds VariCam LT Kit Package

NEWARK, N.J.—There are now five VariCam LT Super 35mm Cinema Camera kit packages, as Panasonic has added the PROEX-B512 package.

This new package includes the completely accessorized camcorder with two AU-XP0512BG expressP2 memory cards and an AU-XPD1 expressP2 card reader. The 512GB expressP2 cards can record up to 180 minutes of continuous 4K material at 24 fps in the AVC-Intra4K422 codec. It has a suggested retail price of $31,600.

In addition, Panasonic has announced a free firmware upgrade for the VariCam LT with improved Audio Level adjustment interface, updated available EF mount lenses, as well as Surround View for VF, 24.00p for LongC6 proxy recording, SD card recording of CDL/LUT, 1080p in AVC-Intra100 recording, and 1080/60i, 50i for ProRes HQ recording. The upgrade is available immediately via download.