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Panasonic adds two new tape products

Panasonic Broadcast has introduced the AMQ Series Advanced Master Quality tape for professional master-quality HDV, DV and DVCAM recording and the new PQUS Series Professional Quality Pro DV tape for professional miniDV recording.

Developed for the U.S. market only and exclusively available from Panasonic Broadcast, the AMQ tape series delivers master-quality performance for DVCAM (15µm track width), HDV and DV SP (10µm track width) and DV LP (6.67µm track width) recording. AMQ tapes feature Panasonic’s Super Advanced Metal Evaporation (S-AME) technology with four times the magnetic density of the previous tape generation.

Designed to provide reliable and high-quality professional miniDV recording, the new U.S.-market-only PQUS tape series uses an Advanced Metal Evaporation (AME) technology that provides high signal output, consistent durability and optimal tape-to-head contact.

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