ORF optimizes storage management with Silex Media

Austrian public broadcaster ORF has completed the final step in a three-stage project to centralize production, editing and storage with workflow management. Silex Media implemented a workspace solution based on Hydrogen Lifecycle Management with a Web-based configuration and administration front end.

The scope of the project was a centralized storage and production system with networked editing seats. The first two steps of the project consisting mainly of hardware installation and setup were realized by SGI. For the final stage, one of the main requirements of ORF’s production team was to allocate a flexible amount of editing space over a specific period to a project to collect and edit material for the production of broadcast contributions.

The Silex Media solution is based on two modules. The backend module provides the storage management for project and user data. Additionally, it is responsible for preparing the assigned editing space right before the project starts and for maintaining it automatically during the project time. The front-end module is used to create, manage and delete projects as well as for the creation of user groups and the administration of user rights.