Onkyo Pro debuts multichannel surround processor

Onkyo Professional has introduced its first surround processor model for commercial and professional studio applications. The Onkyo Pro PR-SC885P is a THX Ultra2 Certified 7.1-channel A/V processor with features that include HDMI 1.3a compatibility; comprehensive upconversion of all sources to HD video with Reon-VX HQV video processing; and a wide array of connection options to accommodate any system. The rack-mounted unit has a toroidal power supply with two separate power transformers for audio and video processing, and includes professional XLR-balanced pre-outs for all channels. Shipment is scheduled to commence this August.

The PR-SC885P features HDMI v1.3a switching for single-cable transmission of HD video and audio signals and single-cable pure-digital audio and video transfer from HDMI sources, including 1080p and deep-color capability. Four HDMI inputs and two outputs are included to accommodate extensive combinations of HD sources and displays. The PR-SC885P uses Silicon Optix Reon-VX HQV video processing for premium video scaling and deinterlacing capability, including upscaling of all video sources to 1080p for output over the HDMI connection.

Designed for large-scale installations, the PR-SC885P includes a wide range of integration features, including an Ethernet port for use with AMX and Crestron control systems. The unit also includes a bidirectional RS-232 port, as well as IR in/out and dual 12V trigger jacks. It also includes Onkyo’s RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) system control capability.

The PR-SC885P also features on-board decoding for Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Processing is accomplished with three advanced Texas Instruments 32-bit DSP chips, and digital-to-analog conversion on all channels is handled by Burr Brown 192 kHz/24-bit DACs. For precise setup, the unit includes Audyssey MultiEQ, a room acoustics correction tool that addresses both frequency response and time domain corrections.

The PR-SC885P also includes HD radio reception and compatibility with both XM and SIRIUS satellite radio. It also features Neural-THX Surround decoding, a new surround-sound technology that allows for broadcast content to be transmitted in a two-channel format, and later decoded for up to 7.1 discrete audio channels.

For more information, visit www.onkyopro.com.