OmniBus Systems ships real-time 3-D plug-in for iTX playout, automation

OmniBus Systems has begun shipping its iTX GFX, a real-time 3-D graphics plug-in option for the iTX playout and automation solution.

Delivering a combination of 2-D and 3-D graphics animation capabilities with the ability to update and render content in real time, iTX GFX makes it possible for broadcasters to set new graphics standards for news and results-based programming, such as sports, election coverage, data-fed business statistics and audience interaction shows.

Incorporating technology from rtSoftware, iTX GFX enables the creation of resolution-independent graphics within the iTX application software for SD and HD output with the ability to update graphics in real time with data from external sources. Real-time lighting and shading of 3-D objects is available within iTX, allowing complex effects such as refraction of live video.

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