OmniBus Systems Features New iTX Versions

Omnibus iTX
OmniBus Systems will reveal new versions of the iTX master control and play-out application, as well as the Opus content management and workflow suite at IBC2008.

The new version, OmniBus iTX 1.2 production and transmission system, has new features including schedule preview; Omneon reference file support that allows content to be read directly from Omneon servers and played out by iTX; multiple language support with instant language track reassignment and support for Omneon language stacking. iTX 1.2 also has a flexible audio engine with native Dolby surround encoding and input/output remapping, as well as support for multiregional breaks and opt-outs.

OmniBus is also unveiling its new OmniBus iTX NEWS, OmniBus iTX Edit and OmniBus iTX Business Continuity Process (BCP). OmniBus iTX NEWS has multiformat capabilities, allowing users to ingest and edit together SD and HD sources, and combine them in the same playlist with nonbroadcast material such as security footage and user-generated content, with real-time format conversion and rendering of effects. iTX Edit is an editing solution for news and sports applications, with an emphasis on speed and ease of use. iTX BCP is a variation of iTX designed for disaster recovery applications that includes media replication, fully redundant mirroring and remote operation after evacuation.

OmniBus will also showcase a new version of OmniBus Opus Content Management. Opus is a suite of content management components that delivers capabilities for the end-to-end content process, including “soft-XML” support for customized logging and annotation, full-text indexing and searching, and integration with production editing systems like Final Cut Pro.

OmniBus will be at Stand 8.D41.