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Olympics Go Wireless With SkyDreams and Boxx

In preparation for the 2010 Olympics, the Canada Hockey Place Arena has installed a new master control room with wireless HD cameras utilizing the Boxx Meridian H/D wireless zero delay, portable microwave system with an AirPaint wireless RCP camera control from SkyDreams Technologies Inc.

Boxx Meridian features full H/D uncompressed video with two channels embedded audio, HD/SDI, SDI and standard-definition transmission plus analog audio line level in/outs. Meridian is designed for O/B special events/sports where short haul microwave is native to with a typical operational range of two football fields. There are various transmitter types using multiplexing in and out antenna technology to maximize performance.

The AirPaint wireless camera control operates in the 900Mhz spread spectrum or 2.4 Ghz with miles of range. In the main arena bowl the AirPaint wireless camera control base transceiver is hidden in the catwalk area just under the actual roof line. A second AirPaint control transmitter was installed in the tunnel/corridor area in the bowels of the arena with simple data switching.

“The application within the arena is exactly why we developed this product, to solve the problem of shading and matching the RF transmitted cameras to the rest of the hard line cameras,” said SkyDreams founder Jim Lucas. “The idea is to be in a full wireless CCU environment with long range, no interference and ultra-low lag performance.”