OCTOPUS Mobile integrates Android phone into newsgathering workflow

At IBC2010 in Amsterdam, OCTOPUS Newsroom unveiled OCTOPUS Mobile for the Android operating system, an OCTOPUS6 client.

Suitable for any mobile with an Android operation system, OCTOPUS Mobile lets journalists in the field work on their stories and submit them to the newsroom quickly and conveniently. For newsrooms, OCTOPUS Mobile permits efficient allocation of reporting resources. A single journalist can work in the field preparing an entire story and add it to the rundown as breaking news in almost no time.

The OCTOPUS Mobile is an offline/online client that can be used in places with no Internet connection or when preparing a story on the go. Journalists can browse wire services, rundowns and stories in folders, write a script and add video. When finished, the story is sent to the OCTOPUS6 list of the stories where it is ready to be added to the rundown.