Object Matrix, Blackbird Collab on Cloud Video Editing Tech

Blackbird Object Matrix
(Image credit: Blackbird)

LONDON—Object Matrix and Blackbird have announced a new partnership that will see the integration of Object Matrix’s MatrixStore cloud storage platform with the Blackbird cloud video editing and publishing platform.

Blackbird’s browser-based editing toolset enables users to create clips, highlights and longer form content with limited bandwidth. By integrating MatrixStore, users can now keep content secure while providing easy access and discoverability.

In addition, Blackbird allows media assets to be published in high-quality outputs to multiple digital channels, including social, OTT, web and back to MatrixStore.

“Integrating with Blackbird will give our customers true cloud native video editing and publishing capabilities, enabling them to access, enrich and distribute their content faster and at a much lower total cost of ownership,” said Jonathan Morgan, CEO, Object Matrix.

For more information, visit www.blackbird.video.