Nvision Technology Roadshow Adds More Destinations

Nvision is adding five more cities to its 2008 Advanced Technology Roadshow.

The event is designed to provide broadcasters with a close-up and hands-on showing of Nvision’s latest technologies. The events also provide an opportunity to provide information about the transition from analog to digital television broadcasting.

“With less than a year remaining before over-the-air analog transmissions cease, all broadcasters need to immediately consider upgrading their station’s infrastructure to prepare for an all digital future,” said Chuck Meyer, Nvision’s president and CEO. “The sooner they upgrade their facilities, the sooner they can take advantage of the digital and HD technologies for revenue growth. And with many broadcasters facing time and budget constraints, taking the latest technologies directly to the end users is of great value to them.”

The company will be showing its NV8576 large-matrix digital multiformat router, NV9000 router control system, NV5100MC multichannel master control switcher and multiviewer image display capability, which combines technology Nvision and Miranda Technologies.

Additional cities to be visited are Phoenix, Detroit, Raleigh/Durham, Philadelphia and Dallas.