Nugen Audio Releases Halo Upmix 9.1 Option

LEEDS, ENGLAND—Nugen Audio has announced that it is launching a 9.1 option for its Halo Upmix plug-in. The 9.1 upmix option includes overhead positioning and generates 7.1.2 (Dolby Atmos) bed track-compatible upmix.

Built on other Nugen Audio technologies, the Halo Upmix 9.1 option allows producers to target upmix goals including full stable surrounds, exact downmix matching, or full dialog isolation. The unit’s center channel control and management can tune a surround mix and create mixes when there is no access to the original stems. The center channel control includes Nugen Audio proprietary neural network-based dialog extraction, which can be applied in all upmix cases, from stereo to 5.1/7.1 and 9.1. An overhead positioning element using a visual interface has also been added as part of the 9.1 option.

The 9.1 upmix extension is available at a price of $199 and is also available as a separate upgrade for existing Halo Upmix customers. Nugen Audio will also showcase the 9.1 option at the upcoming 2016 NAB Show.