Nordahl reviews camera developments at IBC2006

Industry consultant and author Tore Nordahl has released an online assessment of camcorder developments he observed at IBC2006 in Amsterdam.

He covers camcorder developments including:

  • Canon’s XH and XH G1 1/3in 3-CCD HDV camcorders
  • Sony’s HVR-V1 1/4in 3-CMOS HDV camcorder
  • JVC’s GY-HD251E 1/3in HDV camcorder
  • Panasonic’s AJ-HPX2100 2/3in 3-CCD P2 HD camcorder

Nordahl’s Web report also examines the use of 1/4in CMOS sensors by Sony in its new HVR-V1. The author reports Sony’s claim that the ClearVid CMOS Sensor provides lower noise and greater sensitivity. He examines the claim that the elevated performance of the 1/4in CMOS approaches that of a 1/3in CCD.

Nordahl also has announced the Oct. 10 release of his new 155-page “HD ENG/EFP & HDV Camcorders for Broadcasting & Production Report,” which will include an extensive analysis of HD lenses.

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