NextWave Wireless launches WiMAX mobile TV technology

NextWave Wireless last week launched MXtv, a mobile multicast and broadcast technology enabling the delivery of mobile TV, interactive media services and digital audio over a WiMAX channel.

The technology, which uses macro-diversity technology to improve broadcast performance over WiMAX, is compatible with the current 802.16e standard. With 30fps QVGA and WQVGA content, it provides up to 45 high-quality mobile TV channels in 10MHz with rapid channel switching times of less than two seconds and offers the ability to dynamically allocate spectrum based on content availability, time-of-day requirements, user demand and the availability of “must-see” live events, among other features.

Huawei Technologies has integrated the MXtv technology into its WiMAX network solution, including its fourth-generation base station platform and ASN-GW wireless broadband gateway platforms.

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