New Technology Campus to school IBC attendees on latest tech trends

IBC2006 will once again offer insight into the latest technology trends impacting the industry at the IBC New Technology Campus.

The campus will provide a forum for researchers to present their latest work into some of the hottest television technologies, including:

  • Mobile media presentations: The Communications Research Centre of Canada will present a software-based transmission chain; media delivery via DVB-H from Ramon Llull University in Spain; WebMobility Ventures showing mobile consumer gadgets; and TNO Information & Communication Technology of the Netherlands focusing on use of mobile technology to provide a bi-directional flow of Web content.
  • Production, including: the EU MATRIS project, which uses image analysis for real-time camera motion measurement; and a tapeless, paperless production workflow presented by BBC Research & Development.
  • IPTV with a demonstration of NM2, a proposal for personalized TV from BT Research and Venturing in the UK.
  • Home Networking, which will include a presentation by NBC Universal of the work of the HANA industry group on defining an architecture for a secure, high-definition home network, and the work of the Human Interface Lab in New Zealand and Georgia Institute of Technology on signal processing needed for a home system similar to “Star Trek’s” Holodeck.

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