New SC702 Series converts unbalanced computer-based stereo outputs to balanced XLR mic level signals.

Switchcraft now offers a stereo solution to the issue of injecting the unbalanced outputs of consumer and prosumer audio sources into pro audio sound systems. The new SC702 Series Stereo A/V Direct Boxes accept a variety of common outputs, then converts them into balanced, mic level signals compatible with pro-style audio consoles, preamps, and other devices.

The SC702 Series direct boxes have three unbalanced stereo inputs: one 3.5mm “mini,” left and right (L/R) one-fourth-inch phone, and L/R RCA. Thus, inputs from a wide range of devices including laptops, tablet computers, MP3 players, CD players, and DJ mixers, are accommodated. Each L/R input pair is wired in parallel, enabling an unused input to act as a “thru” path.

The unit’s simple controls include a toggle ground lift switch, used to reduce hum and buzz by disconnecting Pin 1 to break ground loops. A switchable -20dB pad is included for use with hot input signals.

Two fully shielded isolation transformers within the unit isolate inputs from the L/R male XLR outputs, ensuring a clean output free of ground loops and RF interference. For situations where a monaural output is desired, the SC702 Series includes a Mono Merge button, which combines left and right into a mono signal that is sent to both XLRs.

Two models are offered — the SC702CT with custom transformer, and the SC702, which features an upgraded Jensen transformer. Both feature rugged black anodized aluminum housing.