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New Products


ParkerVision PVTV NEWS systems: Enable as few as one or two people to control a number of news production functions, including camera operation, graphics insertion, special effects, video server or tape machine operation, audio control and chroma keying; system is event-driven rather than time-driven to give the director control of the pace of the show; systems contain late-breaking news hotkeys to enable directors to manage last-minute events.


Sencore TSS3030: Offers up to 64 simultaneous channels, advanced Transport Stream processing functions and robust architecture for guaranteed on-air time; material can be stored under a variety of MPEG-2 formats and channels can be configured individually with bit rates from 3- to 100Mb/s to obtain the most effective bandwidth usage for each application; the TSS3030 is a combination of MPEG, DVB and ATSC interfaces, off-the-shelf computer components, and optimized, proprietary software.


360 Systems' Image Server 2000
: Able to play three independent video programs at once, each with four digital audio channels; a video input is also provided, and recordings may be made while two video programs are playing; supports most MPEG-2 broadcast standards for NTSC and PAL, and can operate in Main or 4:2:2 Profile; employs a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed transfer of program material at low cost.


Band Pro Film/Video Zeiss DigiPrime: Two new additions to the series (28mm and 70mm); optimized for HD and SD cameras equipped with 2/3-inch imagers; the 28mm offers a focal length that covers the field of view between the 20mm and 40mm DigiPrimes; the 70mm CF DigiPrime combines the two benefits of a longer focal length lens with close focusing capability; they both feature the convenience of 95mm front diameters.


360 Systems' Image Server 7000: Can play up to six video programs at once, plus 24 audio channels; two independent video input channels are also available; the server has internal drives providing up to 2.5TB of storage, or 300 hours of broadcast-quality video; the drive's RAID configuration protects program material from loss, and hot-swap disks permit rapid drive placement; supports most MPEG-2 broadcast standards for NTSC and PAL, and can operate in Main or 4:2:2 Profile.


Blue Order Media Workbench: Web-based system developed specifically for single-site or distributed workgroup-level applications; manages, processes and presents metadata and essence; format-independent and can handle most commonly used media and document types; the system holds selected assets (video, audio and stills) in electronic form, and makes them accessible to interested and trusted parties.


Leitch VRnet: Transmission product that adds high definition to the list of available formats stored and managed in the VRnet server platform; the new server is designed to operate at the MPEG-2 Main Profile at high level to ensure the highest video quality, including a high-performance ASI module with transport stream processing and multiplexing capabilities; enables a mix of HD and SD programming; two new modules for the VRnet have also been introduced: the VRTX222 and VRIMX222 bi-directional codecs.


Magni MCP-601: First in a new line called MagniCoder Premier; the MCP-601 can seamlessly integrate digital DVI and XGA content with an SDI 601 or analog signal; this 1RU product offers several keying and effects capabilities that are typically available on more expensive devices; designed to convert the emerging, high-resolution computer DVI/XGA standard content, allowing it to be overlaid in real time onto an incoming SDI 601 or analog signal.


Canopus DVRaptor RT2 and DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools: Combines Canopus' DV codec along with real-time DV and analog out in Adobe Premiere; cost-effective, professional-quality DV capture, editing and DVD authoring solution; fully scalable; includes ExEdit nonlinear editing software; DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools bring the latest in Canopus effects technology to Adobe Premiere; delivers six video filters and eight 3DRT transitions, including the new 3-D picture-in-picture transition.


Doyle Technology: Multichannel solution designed to address requirements for the management of ATSC datastreams; presents a solution that bridges the gap between traditional broadcast business and operations and new models of generating revenue in the DTV environment; combines Doyle's system integration with technology innovations from NVision and Sundance Digital.


Digital Voodoo HD | Vengeance: Uncompressed, high-definition, 10-bit SDI card with two HD-SDI outputs, one HD-SDI input and a standard-definition SDI downconverter; compatible with all HD design applications for the Macintosh; users can work with uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2:4 or 4:4:4:4 dual link video directly in YUV colorspace; video genlock allows it to be locked to station reference.
+61 3 9682 9477;


Camplex CP-601: Remote control camera system delivers component or composite camera video signals; program audio; intercom; genlock or full-bandwidth return video; Aux video or IFB; interfaces with a variety of professional industrial cameras and utilizes a single coaxial cable (or triaxial if the user prefers) to deliver all signals and camera power; features a two-channel “stand-alone” intercom system.


Snell & Wilcox SwitchPack: Three SD and two HD compact switchers designed for live broadcast and post-production environments where space is at a premium; comprises a 1U SD mainframe and/or a 1U HD mainframe and a common control panel; the SwitchPack 16 features 16 inputs and five keyers, all of which are directly accessed from the control panel.


Blackmagic Design DeckLink: Offers real-time color correction and increased compatibility with uncompressed QuickTime files from other manufacturers; can be preprogrammed on the fly; real-time color correction is available with Final Cut Pro, and it connects under the standard three-way color corrector that's built into Final Cut Pro; allows you to fully key-frame the color corrections and even place clips back-to-back in the timeline; all the color correction is SDI digital.
+61 3 9682 4770;


Tandberg Television E5740 DSNG: High-performance, versatile and compact DSNG system; combines low bit-rate encoding performance previously only available in high-end system encoders with a versatile QPSK modulator (upgradeable to 8PSK and 16QAM) in a compact solution; range of features and options available; also offers a version with an L-Band output that includes support for mixing in a communications channel at L-Band.


Bird Technologies Site Analyzer 1700: Provides accurate and repeatable measurements; for sweep and distance-to-fault testing, the product offers a high-resolution color display, fast sweep rate, on-screen comparison of live and recalled trace, 50-character alphanumeric trace labeling, and unlimited trace overlays, per report, to compare antennas and track performance over time; the frequency range is 25MHz-1700MHz and is pre-programmable.


Euphonix System 5-B: Digital mixing system has become more affordable with a new mixer software package; the new model allows for up to 96 channels using a single DSP mixer core (up from 72 channels); includes a dedicated mix-minus bus with single-button press mix-minus outputs and talkback from each channel; the base System 5-B model now also includes the same redundancy and dual main input capabilities as Max Air.


Leitch shared storage technology: Storage architecture built on modular servers like the VR445 shown above provides integration of ingestion, packaging and transmission functions; scalable VR-445 servers act as Fibre Channel hosts for storage array modules, each holding up to 60 hours of MPEG-compliant video and audio; servers support multiple compression formats to facility system upgrades; MOS protocol enables browse viewing and rundown playback.


Discreet cleaner XL: Next generation of cleaner 5; builds upon and expands its cleaner legacy as a pioneer in media mastering and streaming; features performance improvements, an innovative user interface and enhanced workflow capabilities; delivers new features allowing professionals to master and encode video content for output to all major digital media formats — from Web streaming and DVD, to wireless, PDA and mobile distribution.


Snell & Wilcox Ukon: Universal format conversion platform designed for use in broadcast, post and production environments where pictures need to be converted in all directions between SD and HD environments, and where different frame rates, image sizes and aspect ratios present an additional quality challenge; can be configured to provide upconversion, downconversion and cross-conversion; offers aspect ratio conversion with tilt, pan and zoom, time-code conversion with precise frame mapping, comprehensive audio handling, and 3:2 cadence detection and repair.


Pace DC-550: Cost-effective solution for operators to support the needs of their subscribers and of content providers; HD box in-class has DVI 1.0 with HDCP connectivity; offers optical and electrical audio outputs with loop-through connectivity for each, simplifying installation with other consumer electronics equipment; offers component video loop-through; can support DVI 1.0 and IEEE1394 5C.


Z-Systems z-256.256r Detangler Pro: Enables recording studios and post facilities studios to seamlessly integrate and reconfigure their digital audio workplace; accommodates up to 256 stereo/two-channel inputs routing in any combination to a total of 256 outputs; asynchronous sources and destinations can be either 24-bit AES/EBU or S/PDIF format, at sampling rates to 192kHz and beyond; I/O crosspoint assignments can be selected via a dedicated serial port.

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