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New Products

EXII .8X Wide Converter

Lens converter features two-element design and full zoom-through; increases wide-angle coverage by 20 percent with minimal barrel distortion; designed for high-end Fujinon 17X zoom lens; compatible with 62mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm threaded mounts and bayonets for cameras from Panasonic and Sony.
+1 661 295 3313;

Analog Way

Dual scaler/mixer/seamless switcher features universal analog, digital I/O and high-resolution digital processing; offers up to 10 inputs, including two fitted with digital DVI and two with SDI; outputs digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of formats up to 2K; provides high image quality with 10-bit SD/HD auto-adaptive, pixel-by-pixel 3D motion-compensation processing, deinterlacing, auto 3:2 and 2:2 reverse pull-down circuitry, processing and frame follower; includes integrated audio stereo switcher with eight inputs (six analog and two from embedded SDI) and one output; equipped with TCP/IP and dual RS-232.
+33 1 64 47 1603


H.264/AVC video encoder is capable of hot-switching between an HD and SD video source; enables users to encode either as a full-featured HD encoder or as an SD-SDI encoder; auto-senses whether the video source is SD or HD and enables users to switch live between the two video formats without powering down; features encode latencies as low as 150ms, exceptional reliability, simplicity of operation and full software upgradability.
+1 408 764 0270;

Gekko Technology

High-output LED luminaire is an efficient 600mm by 300mm soft panel designed for studio or on-location applications; consumes 85W; can be operated continuously for more than three hours from two V-Lock batteries; includes optional padded carrying case.
+44 8448 005 326


Aviia (Advanced Video Interface for Industrial Applications) HD receiver features integrated cable equalization technology and audio de-embedder that supports extraction of up to eight channels of digital audio; provides a complete two-chip, long-reach AV interface over a single coax; supports SD and HD video up to 1080p at 50/60Hz; long-reach HD cable performance includes up to 230m using high-quality 75Ω coaxial cable and up to 160m using RG59 or equivalent; offers low-power operation, typically 570mW at HD; comes in a 11mm by 11mm package.
+1 905 632 2996;


High-performance, cost-effective display system for monitoring digital stereo audio signals comes with an integrated loudness display in compliance with the ITU BS.1771 guideline; includes a full-screen mode for enlarged display showing the instruments in use.
+49 221 709130;

Cobalt Digital

HD-SDI to SD-SDI downconverter preserves closed-captioning, time code, AFD and embedded audio; features video proc, embedded audio routing controls, frame sync and AV level controls; accepts an SD-SDI input for SD aspect-ratio conversion; provides AFD functions that detect the incoming AFD code; allows independent custom ARC to be applied for each incoming AFD code and the desired AFD code to be inserted on the output, even if there is no code detected on the input; allows adjustment of gain, offset, saturation, hue, audio levels, audio routing, frame sync and other controls.
+1 217 344 1243

1×1 SuperSpot

LED slim-line light fixture focuses 5600K beam down to 15 degrees; remains cool to the touch and uses a fraction of the power of traditional lighting fixtures; offers integrated control knob on the back that enables instant dimming from 100 percent to 0 percent with minimal shift in color; yoke allows for mounting via standard TVMP receptacle; housing enables multipanel configurations; equipped with remote dimming capability; can be powered from a variety of 12V to 30V sources including optional onboard 1.75-hour Li-Ion battery pack, car battery or AC adapter.
+1 818 752 7009

Cyclone III LS FPGA Development Kit

Kit features hardware and software solutions that allow customers to prototype and test designs for Altera's Cyclone III LS FPGAs; offers access to select security features of the device; includes a Cyclone III LS EP3CLS200F780C7N FPGA-based development board, a one-year license for Quartus II Design Software, Development Kit Edition and access to Altera's MegaCore IP Library including the Nios II Embedded Design Suite.
+44 1494 602000;

Telecast Fiber Systems

Family of 3Gb/s HD-SDI transmitter and receiver modules offers a highly flexible I/O solution for the transport of HD-SDI video signals via fiber optics or coaxial cables; can be configured using red transmitter cubes and blue receiver cubes, which act as fiber or BNC inputs or outputs; by plugging different configurations of cubes into a central connector, broadcasters can create a wide range of conversion devices.
+1 508 754 4858

NTP Technology

Eight-channel audio converter is intended for use with high-end digital audio workstations; supports 44.1kHz sampling rates up to 192kHz, as well as the 352.8kHz DXD sampling rate used for recording and editing Super Audio CDs; features optional high-quality microphone preamp.
+45 4596 8880;


Automated caption insertion system for MPEG content is driven by simple commands from the asset management system to encode captions directly into MPEG files; output meets Cable Labs specifications and works on all set-top boxes.
+1 301 362 9500;


Broadband video contribution service enables broadcasters to enhance breaking news stories with ad hoc content supplied by a variety of contributors, including video journalists, stringers and citizen reporters; at the front end of the software-based solution is the encoder, which is available free to contributors affiliated with broadcast groups and local TV stations; at the back end, broadcast subscribers are able to manage, track and view unlimited amounts of video uploads from contributors, as well as manage digital rights for video contributions and search for relevant video clips using metadata information; the broadcaster pays for decoded video only.
+1 206 956 0544

Observer EVO

Updated Observer features 24/7 media monitoring, easy clip search and retrieval, and seamless export to editing systems; enables users to capture, archive and index station and network channels and quickly browse, view and edit clips; records content in both HD and an SD browse proxy stream; automatically transcodes original HD stream into an industry-standard format for finishing within various nonlinear editing systems.
+1 781 221 7407;

TV One
CORIOview C2-6104

Multiwindow processor has five DVI-I inputs to place up to four variable-sized windows on a single DVI-I output; supports DVI-D resolutions up to 1920 × 1200 at 60Hz and 1080p, as well as analog DVI-A resolutions up to 2048 × 2048 at almost any refresh rate and most computer signal formats; provides input compatibility with YUV and YPbPr sources such as 525i, 625i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p with high-performance deinterlacing and motion-adaptive noise reduction; offers 10 user-defined presets controllable from the front panel or external communications; features built-in LCD and menu system, genlock, chroma key, luma key and mixing; controllable via front-panel buttons, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or IP (Ethernet).
+44 1843 873311;


Multipin-based, multichannel Cat 5e network cable eliminates individual cable runs, reducing wear on equipment by using a multipin connector instead of RJ45 for a point-to-point secure connection; configured to support six channels of 10/100/1000BASE-T signals and equipment requiring four pairs per RF45; tails are also available to support 12 channels of 10/100BASE-T using cable-sharing technology; constructed of heavy-duty Cat 5e cable with a double-jacketed, shielded design; cable sections are available in lengths up to 250ft.
+908 686 7400;

StreamLiner 3000

Server family enables services including VOD, nPVR, time-shifted TV, on-demand advertising, progressive download, broadcast playout and digital ad insertion; supports progressive download or streaming to iPhones and Silverlight streaming to PCs or mobile phones; features cost-effective scalability, high-stream density of up to 10Gb/s in 2RU models and solid-state boot device; available in four generic and two specialized server models.
+1 408 542 2500

Triveni Digital
StreamScope RM-40SE

Low-cost video monitoring solution can be located at the edge network for continuous, real-time monitoring of the video signal; enables operators to ensure continuous service and rapidly debug issues as they arise; performs comprehensive MPEG video monitoring; offers analysis functionality of RM-40 and HBE; includes either RF/QAM or ASI input; optional remote troubleshooting module provides remote analysis capabilities including postmortem analysis that allows users to analyze/debug issues up to two weeks in the past.
+1 609 716 3500;

JMR Electronics
BlueStor FibreStream

Extreme-performance Fibre Channel RAID system becomes a highly scalable, reliable system that can be configured for RAID levels 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 40, 50 or 60 when added to an existing SAN; features a built-in, four-port 4Gb Fibre Channel switch, an average measured read speed of 1317MB/s and average measured write speed of 756.165MB/s.
+1 818 993 4801;