New Products

360 Systems

Archive system provides double fault-tolerant RAID 6 protection of stored program material; features more than 700 hours of program storage at 12Mb/s; has two input channels with frame sync (bidirectional) and four outputs: two dedicated and two bidirectional; provides SDI and composite video on inputs and outputs; offers redundant power and cooling; includes DV, TARGA graphics, file trimming, advanced playlisting and as-run logs.


Soundtrack composer provides video editors with the tools to compose and arrange a soundtrack; leverages the interface, workflow and composition engine of the Muse software; enables user to drop a QuickTime file into the software, set the parameters for composition and quickly generate a soundtrack, which can be refined through adjustments of keyframes on the timeline; exports projects as .AIFF, .WAV or MIDI files.
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Intercom system provides basic and advanced functions for digital telephone hybrids; incorporates two POTS line interfaces; features analog and digital AES3 audio interfaces with separate sample rate converters, front keypad, graphical display and configurable GPIO contacts; analyzes and displays calling numbers via implemented clip functionality.
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Blackmagic Design

A full HDTV resolution monitoring converter for DVI and HDMI monitors; includes the quality of 4:4:4 SDI video, lookup tables via USB and analog audio outputs; connects SDI video directly to any supported DVI-D based LCD computer monitor for HDTV resolution video monitoring; the new HDLink Pro model introduces 3Gb/s SDI for high-resolution 2K film monitoring when connected to a large 30in DVI display.

Zandar Predator II

A highly scalable, auto-sensing system for control and monitoring applications; ideal for control rooms, production centers or monitoring facilities that require a flexible architecture.

8VSB Cricket

Video-quality and service assurance troubleshooting tool detects and decodes 8VSB signals, providing remote verification of the RF and MPEG transport stream layer, as well as the quality verification and troubleshooting of the video and audio payload; tunes to any UHF/VHF channel; supports SD/HD over SPTS and MPTS.

Pixel Promo DJ
Pixel Power

Multichannel branding graphics generator automatically imports data from the station's traffic system and uses the graphics system to build promotional page sequences based on predefined templates; manages an entire network of Clarity graphics devices to create an automated, multichannel branding solution; creates appropriate graphics sequences from program junctions and adjusts on the fly for time requirements.


The family of energy-efficient lighting provides high-quality performance and reliability in a format designed specifically to work with a wide range of digital cameras, including the latest HD models; available with one, two or four lamps; feature compact, 55W, advanced-phosphor lamp formulations and a variety of dimming-control options, including phase, DMX and DALI, with linear dimming to 3 percent; fixtures come with horizontal or vertical yokes and diverse racking options, allowing for varying profiles and beam patterns.


A 2.0-enabled Web client that allows users to remotely access their cinegy media archive database securely from anywhere at anytime, using a standard PC or laptop, via a regular Internet connection; enables users to search, browse, select and rough edit their content in Windows Media format.

Ensemble Designs

Fail-safe protection switch for critical digital paths for broadcast or satellite applications; supports SD-SDI, HD-SDI and DVB-ASI signals; detects TRS, black, silence and freeze for HD and SD signals; detects signal presence, program packets, PMT, PAT and PIDs for ASI signals; detection specifics are user-programmable.

VADIS Remote Source Assignment
Klotz Digital

Workflow module allows the studio console selection of remote router sources in the same manner as local sources; provides the communication between a mixing console and central router; router sources are assigned to the console on a need-to-use basis.


IP-based prompter is part of the QNxt product suite; uses IP architecture and comprises a software application on the control PC, which communicates over an Ethernet link with a highly compact QBox unit to scroll the script; enables operation of remote prompters from a central location.

Clark Wire & Cable

Multicore camera cable connects a video camera to its remote CCU through 26-pin connectors; features less attenuation on the coaxial cables; offers 24AWG conductors on the audio pairs to ensure maximum signal transfer.

2K/HD/SD PCI Express

Uncompressed SD/HD video cards for the Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems; used in broadcast and feature film solutions for editing, animation, compositing and digital intermediate applications.

Crystal Vision

Replay device plays back 25 seconds of HD or 150 seconds of SD video at a lower price than hard drive alternatives; used with a video switcher, constantly records until operator intervenes, making the last 25 seconds of recorded HD video immediately available for replay; features industry-standard software products on the board to work the video switcher, with the switcher working as the control panel.

V-Series Desktop

Desktop unit for the Eclipse Digital Matrix provides advanced digital signal processing for increased control over audio routing and mixing; the compact and contemporary design features gooseneck or headset microphone and a large but low-profile loudspeaker and quick fingertip control with 12 lever keys, eight shift pages, up/down level control, and a keypad for telephone dialing and quick menu access.

Digital Broadcast

Archive system features blue laser technology that provides up to 50TB of media storage and a high-speed searchable index based on file metadata; allows archived material to be played at any access-granted desktop computer.

Optilinx OLX-3000

Optical switching platform switches digital signals up to 4.25Gb/s with any of its 144 ports, all housed in a compact 4RU chassis; also available in a 288-port version in an 8RU chassis; provides high-speed switching between ports with minimal effect on overall network latency.


LCD production monitor uses a new In-Plane Switching panel with 1280 × 768-pixel native resolution; features a 120Hz refresh rate, enabling the monitor to handle fast-motion content and minimizing image blur; equipped with a built-in waveform monitor and vectorscope that display all picture lines for signal level monitoring; features an array of input/outputs to support virtually any production task, such as DVI-D input and two auto-switching HD-SDI/SDI inputs.

CarbonHD 1.2
Digital Rapids

New version of HD/SD DDR offers integrated HD/SD format conversion; supports both uncompressed video and hardware-based JPEG2000 compression in both lossless and lossy modes; integrated software features a new streamlined user interface for managing capture, clip trimming, playlisting and playout.


Clip player/mixer/keyer can serve as a networked storage device for animated graphics and video clips; accepts both HD and SD inputs; features a two-channel internal mixer and internal linear keyer to support playout of dynamic video clips; fully integrated with the company's Overture switcher series to support complex animated transitions through the switchers' Stinger feature.

JVC Professional

IP network camera features 36X optical zoom lens, silent direct drive for faster and more accurate PTZ functionality, full-frame, dual-stream JPEG/MPEG-4 at 30fps, auto-tracking function that detects and tracks a moving object, image stabilization, IR cut filter that provides higher sensitivity and AC 24V power.

700MHZ DR Filter
Dielectric Communications

Stringent mask band pass filter provides a cost-effective solution for broadcasting in the mobile media market; exhibits less than 0.6dB of integrated insertion loss over the band; provides up to an 800W power capacity in a rack-mountable, compact design.

Color Resolution Chart
DSC Laboratories

Camera color resolution chart consists of a series of zone plates in different color combinations and resolution gradations; the unique pattern is designed to challenge the capabilities of the latest HD and digital cinema cameras and lenses.

HD-SDI to HDMI Scaler

Scaler enables a direct connection between SD and HD-SDI sources with embedded audio to an HDMI display; supports both single- and dual-link modes; outputs HD resolutions to 1080p along with multichannel digital audio in the HDMI format; features an intuitive on-screen menu for an easy selection and retrieval of preferences, also available through the RS-232 connection.


Real-time IP caption link uses IP connections to improve audio quality, establish a more secure caption environment, provide extensive monitoring services and create a framework for smooth caption operations; completely compatible with pre-existing captioning software packages; the system's flexibility allows it to be run on the same computer as those packages, or on a separate computer connected through a serial port.

Elma Electronic

Open access test chassis can support up to 21 slots at 0.8in or 17 slots at 1in pitch; features front-accessible test points and monitoring LEDs for all VME, VPX, VXS and cPCI voltages, including +3.3V, +/-5V, +/-12V, +/-24V and +/-48VDC; includes three 150CFM fans under the card cage, a rear A/C power entry module with fuses and GND stud.

MetaMAX LA-5180
Linear Acoustic

Metadata frame sync generator accepts external metadata via industry-standard RS-485 input or from the VANC space of an applied HD-SDI signal; analyzes and regenerates this metadata to keep it consistent and error-free.

Omega HD
Fast Forward Video

DVR records either SD or HD video with high-quality JPEG2000 compression up to 100Mb/s; the recorder allows users to simultaneously record, play and store multiple SD and HD video files and create video clips, loops and playlists using the simple-touch front-panel controls; ideal for many applications including graphics and key fill, station automation, spot insertion and sports/instant replay; uses standard removable SATA drives; offers accurate frame control via RS-422 or Ethernet using standard control protocols.


Multidefinition audio shuffler simplifies the task of reassigning embedded audio channels within an HD-SDI or SD-SDI feed; a second input allows embedded audio to be extracted from one feed and added to alternative video from another; enables audio breakaway of any source if installed on an HD-SDI router; a preview output allows users to set up the system with live feeds before taking the configuration to air.


A compact, four-channel, solid-state field recorder; uses SD or large capacity SDHC cards as the storage media, enabling quiet and reliable recording; weighs less than 3lb, including batteries; users can get up to four hours of recording time using four NiMH or alkaline AA batteries; captures up to four channels of uncompressed audio with selectable bit depths of 16-bit or 24-bit and sampling frequencies of 44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz/192kHz (192kHz stereo mode only).

Neutrik USA

Locking three-conductor AC connector system features contacts for line, neutral and pre-mating ground; is designed for high-power distribution systems and supplies for professional audio and lighting broadcast equipment; consists of two connectors — a chassis receptacle and an inline cable connector with locking mechanism.


Router accepts digital signals from 19.4 (SMPTE 310M) through SDI, ASI, HD-SDI and up to 3Gb/s; sports a fully modular, hot-swappable, redundant design, independent monitoring bus, SNMP interfacing, advanced system control and source-by-source intelligent autoconfiguration; scalable to 576 × 576 in a single 26RU frame; enables input and output expansion in steps of 18.

DIVArchive 6.1
Front Porch Digital

New enhancements to content storage management system include multiple parallel transcode support, rebuild damaged data tape functionality, DIVArchive components running as services, Storage Plan Manager enhancements, LTO-4 tape drive support, IBM TS3550 library support, and partial restore of Harris Leitch AVI DV-25 and Matrox IMX50.


Compressed transport transceiver uses mezzanine-level JPEG2000 compression to transport baseband media signals over an ASI link carrying an MPEG-2 transport stream; allows users to efficiently use available bandwidth for transmitting broadcast-quality video, audio and data while maintaining post-production quality levels; when coupled with the IPA6800+ module, the CTT6800+ allows efficient transport of HD signals over IP networks.


Multi-frame-rate time code reader allows SMPTE time code to be captured and ingested along with camera or other video in Apple-, Avid- and Adobe-based video editing systems incorporating an RS-422 machine control I/O port; responds such that the editing system thinks it is controlling and reading time code from a VCR deck; the time code values from the CapTC-50 are then recorded along with the video signal input into the editing system, adding a SMPTE time code time stamp to the recording.

Hybrid MC

Robotic camera head supports cameras up to 12kg for multiple applications; can be used with tripods, cranes or wall mounts; eliminates video and audio delay; available in a range of configurations suitable for simple robotic camera applications to high-end virtual set broadcasting.
+33 1 46 73 00


Asset management suite gives broadcasters the ability to centralize storage, move data, distribute people and processes, and search for content across multiple broadcast facilities; allows asymmetrical propagation of assets between multiple MassStore systems; enables decentralization or centralization of storage shared dynamically among all facilities; offers simplified asset searching of all locations, including tape libraries, nearline cache or video servers from a Web browser.

Image Video

Ethernet-enabled GPI I/O interface is designed for TSI-1000; provides a higher density with 48 I/O in 1RU and 80 I/O in 2RU; features momentary output control for pulsed applications.


Four-port directional filter/combining unit can be used either as a mask filter or as a constant impedance-combining module for high-power UHF broadcasting; features the high isolation of traditional constant impedance technology but achieves elliptical response without external coupling mechanisms; filters are temperature compensated for close-space combining applications.

The ISIS Group

Audio monitor allows the operator to listen to the audio, without distortion and without changing it in the process; offers an input mode selector for up to eight AES/EBU data streams or 16 individual audio channels, which allows the user to switch from the main AES/EBU inputs to STEM recorder preview inputs or to an external tone generator; features a set-up, learn and clear function, along with 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 surround sound stereo mix down selectors; allows the operator to store custom stereo mix-down formats that are available for recall at any time.

Kramer Electronics

Matrix switcher offers signal optimization and EDID data capabilities; compatible with all HDTV signal types; can route any or all inputs to any or all outputs simultaneously; supports HDCP; allows the output device to describe its capabilities to the HDMI source, providing the VS-42HDMI with key information about the monitors connected to the outputs; captures the output device's EDID information and stores it in nonvolatile memory.

KTech Telecom

Signal automated test equipment generates necessary signals to test burst noise, signal combiner, field ensemble data, 8-VSB with phase noise, single static echo, D/U cochannel interference, D/U adjacent-channel interference, taboo channel rejection, power measurement using spectrum analyzer and 8-VSB RF dynamic range.

Ultimate 2575C

Fluid head is designed for cameras up to 90lb; features OConnor's stepless, smooth pan-and-tilt fluid drag specifically designed for film-style shooting, as well as its sinusoidal counterbalance system for accurate balance at any point in the tilt range; a collapsible counterbalance crank handle and numerical readout are designed to make repeatable counterbalance easy.

Final Effects Complete 5.0 for After Effects
Boris FX

Effects package update adds support for Adobe Creative Suite 3.0 After Effects running on Apple's OS X Leopard and Windows Vista; offers a modernized workspace for optimal effects creation; features contextual tools and onscreen widgets that streamline the effects workflow and multiprocessor acceleration that increases FEC performance by 30 percent; includes more than 800 preset effects.

RF Central

Portable digital receiver is available in both SD and full HD configuration; designed for easy and quick setup for ENG and field applications; weather-resistant for broadcasts during adverse climate conditions; accommodates FCC channel plans in conjunction with the BAS Relocation Project; offers manual or preset channels with tuning in 0.25MHz steps; capable of receiving frequencies between 1.990GHz and 2.500GHz; when configured for HD, supports 1080i and 720p formats in addition to SD modes.

Avalon Graphite Traveler

Boom pole is constructed with lightweight, high-density carbon fiber; extends 22in to 7ft 8in; features captive collett locking system within collar; available unwired or factory wired with a high-quality internal coiled cord and male XLR receptacle mounted in the base.


Camera robotics power supply delivers 250W/500W of power to operate multiple 48V camera robotics devices, which can effectively reduce the number of power supplies required for complex camera robotics configurations; is a rack-mount power supply; delivers more power over considerably long distances; using the PS-PA-48V power adapter, up to three pan/tilt heads (and attached peripheral devices) can be powered from a single power supply.

iTX Edit
OmniBus Systems

Editing system is tailored to the demands of news and sports applications, with an emphasis on speed and ease of use; eliminates the need render the finished edit before it can be taken to air, as the playback engine can render the EDL in real time, with vision and audio effects, stills, and captions.

Orad Hi-Tec Systems

HD/SD 3-D character generator provides dynamic scene blending that allows the triggering of multiple graphic scenes at the same time; can take completely different scenes that are independent from one another and assemble them on the fly using a single playout channel; incorporates real-time 2-D/3-D graphics and animations along with multiple streams of full-res video insertions and multiple video clip playbacks; supports commonly used formats, such as AVI, QuickTime, DV, DV25 and MPEG.


Multi-image processor allows quality assurance testing of up to 24 channels simultaneously; displays all mission-critical information, including multiple audio channels, closed captioning, VChip ratings and Copy Guard data; customizable to check for audio silence/clipping, video freezes/blacks and loss of signal; supports HD/SD, NTSC/PAL, H.264, MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1.


UTP Cat 5 link transports RGB/UXGA and stereo audio over more than 1000ft of UTP Cat 5, 5e and 6 cables; supports UXGA resolutions of up to 1600 × 1200; includes automatic equalization and anti-skew technology; the anti-skew feature permits video transmission over inexpensive data grade twisted pair cable; expensive non-skew cable is not required; the receiver unit has a daisy-chain or repeater option; one RGB/UXGA source can be daisy-chained to multiple monitors.

Warehouse Web Version 2.0

Broadcast and display platform is designed for Manreo users; allows users to centralize, share and view audio, image, and video archives, and then broadcast them across multiple distribution channels (Web portals, mobile devices, ADSL, etc.); uses the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture; includes XML Web services; offers up to four easy-to use interfaces.


Uplink power control unit offers the Earth station operator/designer control of the full L-band bandwith of 950MHz -2150MHz; the RF signal path uses internal bias tees and diplexers on the center conductor to provide both DC and 10MHz through path in the attenuator, allowing the user to pass the 10MHz reference signal and DC bias from a modem through the UPC-L out to a block upconverter.