New Power Supply for Camera Robotics

Telemetrics has added a new power supply to drive its line of camera robotics devices. The new PS-RM-48V power supply delivers 250 W/500 W of power to operate multiple 48 V camera robotics devices, which can effectively reduce the number of power supplies required for complex camera robotics configurations.

The PS-RM-48V rack mount power supply delivers more power over long distances. For example, a single pan/tilt head can be operated at a distance up to 457 meters; a combination of a pan/tilt head, televator and a large camera can operate at a distance of up to 153 meters; and a configuration including a pan/tilt head, televator, teleprompter and confidence monitor will operate at distances of up to 61 meters.

The PS-RM-48V rack mount power supply is designed to provide power to Telemetrics camera robotic systems including the company's camera track systems, elevating pedestals and pan/tilt devices. The unit is available as a basic single unit with one DC output that delivers 250 W of power, or in an optional dual configuration with two DC outputs each capable of providing 250 W of power. The dual configuration can also operate as a fully redundant power supply.