New Kaltman Creations gear demystifies the 2.4GHz band

The AirSleuth-Pro analyzer and AirHorn signal generator take the guesswork out WiFi and WLAN networks.
New tools from Kaltman Creations allow in-depth analysis and use of the 2.4GHz band as a software application.

Kaltman Creations has expanded its line of RF spectrum analyzers with the addition of two new products. The AirSleuth-Pro is a 2.4GHz RF spectrum analyzer software package, while the AirHorn is a 2.4GHz, 11-channel signal generator. Both are designed for IT and MIS personnel that need to install, test, troubleshoot, analyze and optimize WiFi and WLAN wireless networks.

The AirSleuth-Pro allows the user to view WiFi channels 1 through 11, either individually or simultaneously, with peak, average and raw trace modes. The unit features 10 diagnostic modes including traces, spectrogram, channel time course, differential channels and pie charting. AirSleuth Pro also includes a real-time calculation of the best WiFi channel, i.e., the channel with the least interference. There is also a logging and playback recorder for extended monitoring.

AirHorn is a stable, accurate 2.4GHz ISM band signal generator that can be selectively set to generate RF signals for any number of the 11 WiFi channels. It has three transmission modes of single Channel, traverse all channels and peak. Designed to work independently or in conjunction with AirSleuth-Pro, AirHorn can be used to assist in antenna placement, RF shield effectiveness and wireless network stress testing.

Both the AirSleuth Pro and AirHorn are software-based (CD provided) applications and can be purchased bundled or separately. The AirSleuth Pro also includes an RF antenna, with USB and PCMCIA versions available. To facilitate this expansion of its RF analysis product line, Kaltman Creations has also expanded its Web site with detailed specifications and product information.

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