Nevion Sublime X2 Routers Add UHD Support

OSLO, NORWAY—Nevion’s Sublime X2 family of routers is going 4K, as the company has announced that the hybrid, compact system can now process and route quad-stream UHD/4K in addition to SD, HD and 3G signals. The Sublime’s new processing capabilities include audio embedding, clean-switching and line synchronized quad-stream alignment.

Nevion’s Submlime X2 video and audio router is currently available in 32x32 and 64x64 sizes. With its new software update, the router can handle UHD/4K streams and 3G/SD/HD simultaneously through sectioning of the ports, which allows for both square and non-square routing configurations. These configurations can be changed on the fly without interrupting unaffected signals.

In addition, the Sublime X2 router is designed to help with the transition to IP in facilities, according to Nevion.