Neutrik connectors link Midas XL8 live mixing system

Neutrik’s OpticalCon, a rugged, dirt-protected fiber-optic connector system, is incorporated into the design of Midas’ XL8 Live Performance System, the UK manufacturer’s flagship digital mixing console. OpticalCon connectors provide the critical link between the console and the stage with no discernable loss in frequency response. Each Midas XL8 console comes supplied with two 150m drums of Neutrik’s multimode OpticalCon to create a fully redundant digital snake system.

“Midas has used Neutrik analog XLR connectors for many years and found them to be rugged and reliable, which is why they were chosen for the XL8 live performance system,” says Alex Cooper, director of console development at Midas. “We also chose Neutrik OpticalCon for our fiber interconnection because it is compatible with Neutrik's standard XLR footprint, which allows us to standardize all our panels.”

OpticalCon is a complete fiber-optic connector system, featuring an LC-compatible fitting that is housed within a roadworthy zinc diecast shell. It enables up to four copper wires to run power, analog or data signals. The optical connection is protected from dust and dirt through automatic sealing covers and gaskets, which are operated automatically. Connectors can be supplied with two types of multimode cable (suitable for multichannel audio) or three types of single-mode cable — including an SMPTE version with an additional ground-shell contact for broadcast applications. Colored labeling plates are included to identify the fiber mode.

Neutrik’s EtherCon and PowerCon products are also incorporated into the Midas XL8. The EtherCon Series is a rugged, lockable RJ45 connector system, optimized for pro audio, video and lighting network applications. PowerCon is a lockable, robust three-pole equipment (AC) connector with high current capacity. “

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