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Net Insight unveils Access Bundles

Net Insight introduced its Access Bundles for the Nimbra 340 and Nimbra 680 series of multiservice switches at the 2010 NAB Show.

Net Insight Access Bundles enable operators to use existing infrastructure to deliver high QoS, on-demand connections to accommodate market demand for digital video services without incurring additional costs. The bundles are now available to provide contribution access applications based on Net Insight’s Nimbra 340 and 680 platforms for smaller studios, remote branch offices and event venues.

The Access Bundles offer a cost-effective, high-performance access solution for transport of HD-SDI/SD-SDI/ASI and Ethernet services that run over any Optical/TDM or IP/MPLS/Ethernet infrastructure. The Access Bundles can be used in any topology, including point to point, ring or mesh.