Nemal Contributes PAL-to-NTSC Triax Adapters to World Cup

MIAMI—To provide camera interconnectivity for the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro this month, the major Brazilian broadcast networks called upon Nemal do Brasil to develop a rugged and between the European PAL and Brazilian NTSC standards.

The Nemal design team, led by Danny Ritts in the Miami office, together with Maximo Medina in the Sao Paulo office, worked with TV Globo engineering to develop the optimum combination of performance, durability, and size. Under very tight time constraints, our engineering, production and logistics staff worked overtime to ensure that the product arrived in Rio ahead of schedule.

The Nemal PAL-NTSC adapter series features a machined aluminum body containing the PAL interface connector with a 3 meter pigtail of 13mm triax, terminated in a NTSC connector. The adapters are available in two versions, male PA- to-female NTSC, and female PAL-to-male NTSC.