NASA adopts Optibase IPTV technology

NASA has installed IPTV technology from Optibase for its Dryden Flight Research Center, the space agency’s premier flight research and test center located at Edwards, CA.

The Optibase MGW 1100 carrier-grade IPTV streaming platforms have been successfully deployed at Dryden for news and weather channels, as well as NASA-generated channels such as live flight test footage and other events.

The MGW 1100 provides H.264 video and audio, in combination with an Optibase PC soft player application and display manager for streaming content over the internal IP NASA base network. The system is controlled by Optibase’s Cluster Manager, which enables management of multiple Media Gateway platforms and hundreds of channels from one centralized application.

For enhanced control and viewing options, the solution includes the Optibase Display Manager, which enables the display of multiple video streams on a single PC screen. In addition to PC streaming, the content will be streamed to set-top-boxes for display on TV monitors and plasma screens across the base.

Optibase provides professional encoding, decoding, video server upload and streaming solutions for telecom operators, service providers, broadcasters and content creators.

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