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NAB-HD TV project reports progress with model station preparations

This year’s National Association of Broadcasters convention will feature the NAB-HD TV project - a fully functional HD model station that demonstrates what can be achieved with HD on the local level.

The model station will offer a comprehensive view of all the technical, operational and management elements required to broadcast DTV signals of all formats.

The model station’s three studio cameras will operate in 720p, while ENG cameras will be a mixture of 1080i and 720p. The 1080i content will be edited and then converted to 720p for assembly with the edited studio material.

The final output will be transmitted in the 720p format as well as downconverted to NTSC. The station output will include closed captioning and PSIP data.

Station output will be delivered as a transmitted ATSC signal throughout the convention center. Standard DTV set-top boxes will receive and decode the signal for display.

The encoded ASI output will be transported via fiber to the Mobile Media area located between the South and Central Halls where it will be uplinked to satellite. The satellite feed will allow partner broadcaster KVVU-TV FOX 5 to receive and retransmit the signal to southern Nevada on their HD channel during show hours. SES-Americom will donate the satellite space for this part of the demonstration.

Anyone with a Ku band dish and suitable IRD will be able to receive the model station’s output. Broadcasters may also use the model station’s content.

Local narrowcasting company Watchit Media has agreed to deliver the model station’s output to more than 30,000 hotel rooms. As part of the deal, Watchit Media will be permitted to insert up to 14 minutes of commercials into each hour of the model station’s programming.

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