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NAB mobile DTV marketplace

Mobile TV technology will abound at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 12-15. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to see of some of the biggest players.

Rohde & Schwarz will be presenting a comprehensive product portfolio for the ATSC Mobile DTV, ISDB-T and DVB-T2 standards, highlighting transmitter and test and measurement solutions.

In the U.S. ATSC Mobile DTV standard market, Rohde & Schwarz's solutions comprise encoders, multiplexers and transmitters, with support for single-frequency networks. For Europe, Rohde & Schwarz already offers the R&S SFU for tests on DVB-T2 receivers and the R&S ETL TV analyzer for measurements during initial transmitter installation.

In Latin America, Rohde & Schwarz provides transmitters and test and measurement equipment for ISDB-T digital broadcasting, adding a new low-to-medium-power transmitter covering ISDB-T, the R&S SCx8000 transmitter. Operators interested in learning how to convert from analog to the new DTV standard can sign up for the Rohde & Schwarz Latin America seminar tour at Booth SU 3717.

TeamCast will be demonstrating its Vega RF channel simulator, a stand-alone unit that simulates terrestrial broadcast impairments for any DTV standard, including fading, Doppler distortion, echoes and others produced by natural obstacles and transmission phenomena. Vega can simulate traditional terrestrial channels and satellite channels and can combine both terrestrial and satellite channel simulations for hybrid networking. See it at Booth SU6023.

Triveni Digital will showcase its new software for the StreamScope RM-40, along with new mobile and non-real-time services features within its GuideBuilder PSIP generator system. New ATSC mobile standards developments include an electronic service guide to ensure up-to-date scheduling and tuning managed through the operator's existing workflow components. Visit Triveni Digital at Booth SU3202.

For broadcasters adding mobile services to their output, Snell will show Morpheus ICE automation that enables new channel implementation at a low cost. Comprehensive file support tightly integrates into existing operations without adding significant workflow overheads such as transcoding. Snell also offers a range of image-processing technology that performs such tasks as deinterlacing. Visit Snell at Booth N1820.

IPharro Media content identification solutions empower new media players. New this year is the iPharro MediaSeeker Core Platform 3.0, a lightweight, scalable video indexing and fingerprinting engine; the iPharro Media TV Content Monitoring (TVCM) System automated platform for identifying broadcast content in real time across multiple channels; the iPharro Media AdMon automated advertisement monitoring and detection software; and the iPharro Media MoPiCCs motion picture capture and comparison system. All of these will be on display at Booth N6229.