NAB 2016: DJI Launches Matrice 600 Aerial Platform

LAS VEGAS—The Matrice 600 is ready for take-off, as DJI unveiled its next-generational aerial platform at the 2016 NAB Show. The new system integrates DJI’s A3 flight controller, features Lightbridge 2 video-transmission technology and can be combined with the Ronin-MX aerial three-axis gimbal.

The M600 is a six-rotor system with a max payload of 6 kg. It is powered by six DJI Intelligent Batteries, all of which can be powered off with a push of a single button. The platform also has a dustproof propulsion system, actively cooled motors and retractable landing gear.

The integrated A3 flight controller uses sine-wave-driven, intelligent electronic speed controllers for M600 performance. The technology also has self-adaptive flight systems that adjust based on payloads. The A3 system can be upgraded to the A3 PRO System, which features diagnostic algorithms to compare sensor data from three Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) units and three instrumental measurement units. The A3’s GNSS system can then be optionally upgraded to DJI Real-Time Kinematic technology, which offers centimeter-accurate positioning. The M600 also supports the DJI GO app for live status reports and access to Zenmuse X-series camera features; it is also compatible with DJI Onboard Software Development Kit and Mobile SDK.

When the Ronin-MX is mounted on theM600, the Ronin-Mix’s CANBUS port allows flight controller data to pass through the gimbal, making it aware of its position and able to maintain the horizon level. It can pan 360-degrees, tilt plus-45-degress to negative-135-degrees, has redundant slip rings and features an optional accessory to transmit real-time video from a mounted camera; it is also compatible with DJI Focus.

The M600 starts at a retail price of $4,599. Combined with the Ronin-MX, it sells for $5,999.