NAB 2015 Camera Support Gear Preview

LAS VEGASAs new cameras in new form-factors come onto the market, the makers of camera support equipment rush to bring new tools to make those cameras more usable. New robotic camera systems are also making news.


Cartoni Magnum Fluid HeadCARTONI USA will celebrate its 80th anniversary by showcasing the Magnum Fluid Head, designed for studio and OB cameras weighing from 55 to 210 pounds. With a smooth fluid feel and no transition in tilting, it is perfect for sporting events and long shots.

CHROSZIEL GMBH will demonstrate its Light Weight Support (LWS) 401-FS7, a mounting solution built to contour to Sony PXW-FS7 cameras. The LWS 401-FS7 provides optimum on shoulder camera balance. The ergonomic shoulder pad slides into a comfortable and safe position. Multipoint mounting secures the plate. It is compatible with Chrosziel 19mm DigiCine Bridgeplate to support large zoom lenses.

HYBRID TV will demonstrate its Chrome JIB System, which combines a rigid arm with a Silver head, offering six degrees of freedom. Chrome is designed for operation in a real-time studio environment. The company will also display its NEON Virtual Studio, a trackless Virtual System that is an all-in-one virtual set media production center.

LIBEC USA will premier three new sliders and three new slider tripod kits in the ALLEX model line. The ALLEX tripod system provides greater usability than ever by perfectly performing the following three movements: pan, tilt and slide.

MILLER CAMERA SUPPORT will unveil its Cineline 70 Tripod System, a new heavy-duty tripod and on-ground spreader. It was specifically created to complement the Cineline 70 Fluid Head. The tripod and on-ground spreader complete Miller’s new Cineline 70 Tripod System.

Shotoku TP500 Pneumatic PedestalSHOTOKU BROADCAST SYSTEMS will introduce its TP500 Pneumatic Pedestal, a compact, lightweight pneumatic pedestal designed to support camera payloads up to 121 pounds. It ranges from 26.2–58.5 inches in height, and is suitable for multilocation use, including OB, studio or event production.

THE TIFFEN COMPANY will showcase the Steadicam SOLO, a foldable Steadicam and monopod combined in one package. The SOLO is designed for both DSLRs and camcorders, and can be used handheld, as a monopod, or with a Steadicam arm and vest. It combines a sleek, lightweight look with durability matching the larger, professional- grade Steadicam models.

will introduce a new high-end professional handheld stabilizer and new professional high-end body-mounted stabilizer at the show.

IOGRAPHER will debut its newest rigs for the iPhone 6+ and the iPad Air 2. They will also be showing off their rigs for the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone 5s.

BROADCAST SPORTS INC. (BSI) will showcase its 360 degree pan/tilt onboard camera, a robotic system that provides the ability to pan and tilt, and is fully remotely rackable. The new camera is built with a smaller footprint providing enhanced flexibility within the vehicle.

Egripment 205/D Digital Remote HeadEGRIPMENT will introduce the 205/D Digital Remote Head, harnessing the technology of the 306/D but designed for modern, smaller cameras. The 306/D Digital Remote Head is designed for ENG/cine cameras with fast and simple setup and operation. To control either head, Egripment has the 336/TPM Touch Panel Module, capable of programming an unlimited quantity of Digital Remote Heads and camera movements/position in conjunction with the 336/DCB. The company will also showcase the 225 Generic Track System, an intelligent track system, highly accurate and perfect for automated and VR studios, live concerts, sports and reality TV.

Ross Video SmartShell control system for CamBot and Furio pedestals, lifts and headsROSS VIDEO will demonstrate its Smart- Shell 4, a single, unified control system for CamBot and Furio pedestals, lifts, and heads, now with more control functionality. Ross will also feature the robotic Furio Pedestal, which features a three-wheeled manual pedestal base supporting cameras needing robotic control but primarily remaining static, and provides full virtual tracking data of all robotic axes.

RUSHWORKS will unveil TalkingPoints, a first-of-its-kind addition to the company’s Production series and StageRover, an unmanned robotic camera system. Both will be introduced alongside a custom-designed multirotor drone. TalkingPoints provides for one camera to be dedicated to the presenter, with a second camera covering session panelists.

SHOTOKU BROADCAST SYSTEMS will showcase its SmartTrack “smart” rail camera system, a fully-integrated rail camera system developed around the track-based technology of MAT, Germany. SmartTrack combines Shotoku remote pan/tilt heads and control systems for a highly-adaptable, floor or ceiling solution in both upright and inverted modes with a range of height column configurations.

TELEMETRICS will introduce its new TeleGlide TG4M, a light, versatile track system for broadcasters with straight or multi curve applications. Mounted on the ceiling or floor, the exclusive triple balance system has stable, quiet and smooth operation. Also new is Telemetrics’ APTS scalable and configurable Presenter Tracking System based on magnetic field telemetry and computerized tracking. This advanced technology, which allows simultaneous multiple-camera tracking of one or several presenters.

will introduce its CB35 Stryker bag, descried as built like a tank and ready for action. The customizable interior accommodates most medium-sized HD cameras, DSLR rigs with multiple bodies and lenses and accessories, including chargers, filters, media cards as well as an 11-inch MacBook.

Sachtler Premium BagsSACHTLER will launch a new range of Premium Bags for video, film and broadcast applications. The portfolio of 37 highquality bags includes carrying solutions of premium shoulder, backpack and trolley configurations for the ultimate protection of camera, lighting, audio or camera support equipment. Sachtler Premium Bags are available from Sachtler and Vitec Videocom’s extensive distribution network.

CueScript CSM19 teleprompterTELEPROMPTERS
CUESCRIPT will demonstrate its CSM Prompters, which feature integrated mounting and CueLock feature for swift setup. The company will also display its EMC Prompters, designed for educational, middle market and corporate use. Built with a DV1920 card allowing for excellent scroll image, the EMC monitor is the only middle market prompter with the level of features and quality needed for a mission critical product.

LISTEC will demonstrate its PromptWare PW-10 Teleprompter series, which turns iPads and most other tablets into professional teleprompters. Fast and simple to use, the teleprompters work with small video and DSLR cameras, ENG lenses and matte box setups. The line is ideal for corporate training, news, small productions, presentations, interviews, YouTube and more.

will introduce a new packaged HD video transmission product called CONNEX, a compact, plug-and-play HD video transmission solution that makes it easy for drone resellers and users to outfit virtually any size and make drone with zero-latency broadcast quality HD video transmission capabilities.

DJI, a maker of unmanned aerial camera platforms, said that while they can’t confirm its NAB introductions, it is continuing to push forward on technology that allows filmmakers and broadcasters to capture and share images from viewpoints that were previously inaccessible.