Motorola takes portable TV to personal media player

At the recent CES, Motorola announced its new personal media player, the Motorola Mobile TV DVB-H-compatible DH01. Pocket-sized, the device plays live television, on-demand clips and programs saved on a DVR. Motorola said that service providers and broadcasters stand to gain differentiation and attractive new revenue opportunities from offering the mobile player.

The DH01 supports the DVB-H broadcasting standard in addition to open standards interfaces. Smaller than a paperback book, it features a 4.3in QVGA screen that supports up to 16 million colors. It also includes a five-minute memory buffer for pausing when watching live television.

Motorola’s DH01 offers consumers an all-in-one personal entertainment center with:

  • Live digital video broadcast — indoor/outdoor video signal playback
  • Supported SDM card TV recording — 90 minutes of TV video on a 256MB card
  • Automatic channel scan and listing
  • High-resolution display
  • 25fps digital video quality
  • Video, music and pictures on supported SDM cards
  • Rechargeable battery for up to four hours of playback

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