Monitoring Korn With Blackmagic Video Assist

Blackmagic Korn concert
Blackmagic’s Video Assist served as both a monitor and recorder for a recent Korn concert on top of a roof in downtown Los Angeles. (Image credit: Blackmagic)

LOS ANGELES—“Korn: Monumental, A Global Streaming Event” was shot in downtown Los Angeles at Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience. The immersive concert provided fans with an elevated, larger-than-life performance by the rock band Korn as they were filmed in front of several hundred feet of LED walls with the L.A. skyline behind them.

Korn is an incredible live band, and we had only one take to capture the live performance. For such a visually stunning and dynamic show, we used 12 Blackmagic Design cameras on set, along with a drone to capture the performance. Seven Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12Ks, one URSA Mini Pro G2s, one Pocket Cinema Camera 6Ks and three Pocket Cinema Camera 4Ks were situated on jibs, dollies and gimbals around the 200x50-foot rooftop stage. The range of cameras provided ultimate coverage, supporting the band as they delivered a stunning show.


While the number of cameras helped properly capture Korn’s high-energy performance, it also meant a lot of lenses and cameras to match and monitor. To help manage this, we relied on Blackmagic RAW and several Video Assist 12G HDR monitor/recorders, both the 5-inch and 7-inch models. Shooting in Blackmagic RAW on every camera allowed us to capture the highest quality possible and make sure everything felt cohesive.

The Video Assist 12G HDR is a tool I know and trust, so it was used to monitor feeds when dialing levels. We also had its scopes and exposure assist turned on as another layer of reference. When it was go-time, we easily scrolled through and made sure all the cameras felt right.

When shooting, the monitor’s HDR screen is our last line of defense in ensuring we like the colors we capture. It’s very accurate and I trust it fully; if it looks good there then I know we’re getting what we need. It’s the last element in our chain and really is such a vital component for monitoring and recording.

The Video Assist 12G HDR also comes with the added benefit of not only monitoring, but also recording. During the Korn shoot, we used my primary Video Assist 12G HDR to record a 4K program/line cut in Blackmagic RAW to an external SSD. The external SSD record feature might be my favorite as simple as it is. The line cut being right there and available for delivery within seconds is something I can’t imagine not having in my workflow now.

Kevin Garcia has spent the last decade capturing festivals, music and documenting travels around the world with some of rock’s biggest acts. Over the last year, he’s been streaming and directing shoots with bands in order to bring live performances right into people’s homes, making them feel as if they’re right alongside the bands as they perform. He can be contacted at

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