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Mobile Viewpoint Integrates with Starlink

Mobile Viewpoint
(Image credit: Mobile Viewpoint)

ALKMAAR, Netherlands—Mobile Viewpoint, a Dutch based developer and manufacturer of live streaming technology solutions, has announced that they've integrated Starlink into their mobile video units as an option for network connectivity. 

The integration comes at a time when new low orbit satellites for global network coverage are becoming available from the likes of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Amazon’s Kuiper. 

For many broadcasters and live production companies, this will bring major new developments offering lower latency and higher resolution live streaming workflows, the company noted. 

It will also gives users options for connectivity when cellular connectivity is not available.

Mobile Viewpoints, which was also a pioneer in adopting internal 5G modems within their live streaming encoders, said that they are the first to have successfully tested Starlink for use mobile video units.

The integration allows customers to use the cellular network with the services from Starlink in combination or use it in isolation.

Based in the Netherlands, Mobile Viewpoint customers include the BBC, Sky News, Al-Arabiya and the Premier League . More information is available here.