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Mobile Applications theme to explore critical issues

IBC2005 will address the changing content distribution landscape by devoting an entire day to mobile applications on Saturday, Sept. 10.

Cell phone and handheld computing and entertainment devices have exploded in popularity, and in the process have radically altered how people consume media. Despite this growing popularity, the industry is in its infancy in meeting the growing demand for content on the go.

IBC2005 will offer a forum to explore a number of pressing questions related to mobile media and applications. The day is intended to provide an objective and authoritative look at media strategy, technology and content for the burgeoning mobile market.

Sessions include:

  • The Business of Mobile TV — Global Market Status of Mobile TV and a Taste of the Models That Work, chaired by UK journalist Kate Bulkley
  • Content on the Move — Internet or Broadcast Led? Still or Moving Image? Mobile Content Delivery Today, chaired by Jessica Sandin of Informia
  • Keynote Address by Richard Sharp, vice president Nokia
  • Policy Options and Challenges — Terrestrial or Satellite? Content Rights Management and Regulation, chaired by freelance journalist Stuart Sharrock
  • Future TV — Status of Mobile TV Trials and Video Capability of 3G. Video Everywhere, chaired by Mike Short of O2 and Mobile Data Association

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