Mirics, Spreadtrum announce integrated mobile PCTV solution

A half mini-card design integrating Mirics’ FlexiRF tuner technology and Spreadtrum’s CMMB demodulator system-on-a-chip is the latest result of the strategic partnership between Mirics Semiconductor and Spreadtrum. With coverage extending to 150 cities already, China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) expects CMMB to be supported in 337 Chinese cities by the end of 2009 and reach a total population of 500 million by 2011.

Mirics demonstrated its embedded PCTV solution by receiving live CMMB broadcasts on a standard netbook PC at the Intel Developers Forum in Beijing April 8, 2009. The solution features all of the CMMB hardware and software required to deliver a complete ready-to-integrate PCTV package that integrates Mirics’ MSi002 FlexiRF silicon tuner and Spreadtrum’s SC6600V CMMB demodulator system-on-chip on the industry-standard half mini-card format.

“With the announcement of this half mini-card solution, manufacturers can now very simply embed broadcast TV into portable PC’s,” said Simon Atkinson, CEO of Mirics. The PCTV half mini-card platform is now available to lead customers and partners for platform integration.

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