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MicW unveils 11 new microphones

MicW launched 11 new microphones last month at the Pro Light & Sound/Musikmesse exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.

The new microphones ranged from high-quality, handheld vocal mics to compact, desktop, shotgun and boundary models.

The company added to its E, N and G ranges — its entry-level, nickel- and gold-diaphragm mic ranges — including some repurposed versions of previously released mics, in new physical formats for different applications.

For example, the new HN151 and BN151 are handheld and desktop versions of the existing “bottle-shaped” N151 nickel-diaphragm wide cardioid, designed for vocal micing and acoustic guitar. The new desktop version, the BN151, is designed to be used in broadcast and conference audio applications, in courtrooms or for teleconferencing.