Metrovision monitors audio with Genelec

New York-based production and broadcast service provider Metrovision's HD-1 remote production truck has recently been a fixture for the audio production of high-profile events. This has included the Winter Olympics in Vancouver; the New York Yankees' spring training season Tampa Bay, FL, broadcast on the YES network; and a Yankees-Boston Red Sox game for a live broadcast by Japan's NHK.

Aboard the HD-1, all reference audio is done via 8020A biamplified active monitors from Genelec.

The monitors are installed in two separate areas of the truck. The audio control room has a complete 5.1 system using five 8020A monitors and a Genelec 7050B active subwoofer for low-frequency reproduction. The truck's production room has five more 8020A monitors set up in a surround configuration but without a subwoofer.

Two additional pairs of speakers are kept aboard the truck for use inside broadcast venues, such as for remote audio, from greenrooms and other areas, that is fed back to the truck's control room. The quality-control area of the truck is also slated to get a set of Genelec 6010A desktop biamplified loudspeakers soon.