MediaCorp relies on Omneon playout server for HD trial

Omneon Video Networks today announced that Singapore’s MediaCorp has deployed an Omneon Spectrum HD server system to support playout of its trial channel, MediaCorp HDTV, via a terrestrial network covering the entire city-state.

The Omneon server system, supplied by systems integrator Ascent Media Network Services, is providing MediaCorp with a reliable, flexible and scalable platform for its first HD trial television broadcast service, which was launched on Sept. 1.

MediaCorp is conducting an HD trial to deliver HD services via a terrestrial network in Southeast Asia. The Omneon Spectrum HD server system in use at MediaCorp is a mirrored system that supports six channels. HD content for MediaCorp HDTV, which focuses mainly on documentary and entertainment programming, is being ingested from a tape machine via a Snell & Wilcox Memphis HD encoder. The 50Mb/s HD MPEG content is stored on the server system with a QuickTime wrapper. Harris D-Series automation controls the Omneon server system.

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