MaxLinear touts CMOS-based IC with can tuner-level performance

The MxL5007 TV tuner IC can receive input signals from 44MHz to 1002MHz, supporting portable TV and other applications.
MaxLinear’s MxL5007 TV tuner IC supports "can" tuner-equivalent performance across a range of television devices, from cable set-top boxes to portable media players. Click image to enlarge.

MaxLinear has developed the MxL5007 TV tuner IC, designed to enable can tuner-equivalent performance in portable television, digital/analog television and terrestrial and cable set-top box applications. It supports most major cable and terrestrial standards.

Based on MaxLinear’s digital CMOS implementation, the MxL5007 can receive an input signal from 44MHz to 1002MHz along a continuous frequency band from a 75ohm antenna or cable, with an output intermediate frequency (IF) ranging from 4MHz to 44MHz. In addition, the IC has been designed to eliminate the need for external SAW filters, external tracking filters, PLL loop filters and external loop-through circuitry.